Mail Merge

The data supply is often a program or a information that features a field or column for every variable within thetemplate. When the mail merge method is run, the data processing system creates AN output document for each row in the infobase, victimisation the mounted text precisely because it appears.

The mail merging method typically needs the subsequent steps:

Creating a Main Document or and also the Template.
Creating a Data Source.
Defining the Merge Fields within the main document.
Merging the Data with the most document.
A common usage is for making “personalized” letters, wherever a model is created, with a field for “Given Name”, for example. The templated letter says “Dear “, and once executed, the mail merge creates a letter for every record within the knowledgebase, thus it seems the letter is additional personal. It is usually used for variable data printing. It willeven be used to form address labels from a client relationship management database, or for mass emails with pertinent data in them, maybe a username and password.