Outlook Mail Merge

Mail Merge as part of Word 2003 and 2007 can be used to print bulk personalized letters and send bulk personalized emails at the click of a mouse. Mail merge practically removes the need to pay monthly subscriptions to email marketing agencies. Heaps of people don’t realise that the tools needed to dispatch personalized mass emails is ALREADY on their own PC. Mail merge is a very helpful application for small business owners as it gives you the means to write and submit professional emails and campaigns. Performing a mail merge is a reasonably straight-forward six step process. The payback from being able to utilize the functions within the mail merge word 2003 software are huge for most business and can significantly change the success of any business in a positive way. In the past when you wanted to send emails out to a list of individuals you had to compose each letter individually.

A painstaking method at the best of times. Using mail merge word 2003 this can all be accomplished in the ONE word document. There is NO limit of the quantity of emails you can produce or forward using mail merge, just click send ONCE and the task is done. Your messages will be more effective, from a advertising view if they are customized. Personalized letters receive improved response rates than mass produced general letters. For small businesses and small marketing budgets, learning to utilize mail merge will give you the most bang for your buck. Skilled users of mail merge utilize the features within the software to insert merge fields right the way through the document. Utilize the addressee’s name regularly all the way through the bulk of your content. If you have custom fields in your database such as children’s names or pet names, then by all means you should use these tools to their full extent. The more individualized the better. Your correspondence is more likely be read and more importantly REMEMBERED.

Why should you bother to keep in contact with previous customers? You can quite successfully sell MORE to your your loyal clients by posting or them an email. Your past customers are a hot buyers list. It is as easy as requesting them to buy more. And it does not even have to be from your choice of services . You can easily recommend someone else’s choice of services and get a commission of every sale. Thus a restaurant can deliver invitations to a clothes sale. A plumber can recommend an electrician. And so on. If you sent out just one email or thank you letter to your previous clients inviting them to buy something else, you would be surprised at the effectiveness of such a campaign. Done properly, this always works better than chasing new clients. Listen, next time you are going to run a full page ad in the papers marketing a sale or whatever, try this. Reproduce the ad and get it to your loyal clients. Fasten a small note with something like “Here is a sneak preview for you as one of my special customers, so you can access the top specials first.

Regards . I assute you that you’ll experience a hugely different result compared to a cold approach. Making the most of your database of your current customers IS effectual because the people on it already know you so they won’t be as watchful as if they were visiting someone new. Letter Writing Tips: Always have a heading. Insert one of your custom fields in the heading to seize their attention. Including their name or the business name in the headline is a good strategy here. Photos and BTW commenst work magic. Always insert a image of yourself so the recipient can relate to you. Including a p.s. after your message is also an effective trick as these comments get huge readership. Here are some more specific tips for producing emails and letters using mail merge word 2003. Email Writing Tips: Use tables at all times. Creating your emails with tables will make your emails come across more reader friendly as this layout closely resembles the layout to which individuals are used to. Format your emails to look and function exactly like a professionally created HTML template. You can insert frames, coloring and other branding to your table to suit your company profile.